Kylie’s Chiropractor Visit

Today I took my 6 1/2 week old to the chiropractor.  Now before your mind starts to cook up images of someone jarring and cracking my babies spine let me tell you that that is not how it was at all.

For babies, the chiropractor is much different.

WHY>>>I took Kylie to the chiropractor because she hasn’t been sleeping well.  She’s been a  little colicky, bringing her knees tightly into her chest, and is crying a ton more (and not a normal cry, the kind that says “I’m hurting” ), and this last week she has spit up 3 times (she has never spit up before)  My family has always been big on chiropractors, so I did some research to see if there was any evidence that this could help her with any of these symptoms.  Bottom line is “YES”

HOW IS IT DONE>>>So obviously I would never let anyone crack my baby’s spine or any part of her for that matter.  And fortunately chiropractors don’t want to either.  We went in, and he just had me hold her like normal against my chest and felt her spine at the base of her skull w/his two thumbs.  Found that it was pulling more to one side.  He held his thumbs in place with a tiny bit of pressure for a bit, then the vertebrae fell back into place.  He did the same thing along her spine, found a vertebrae in her lower back (he said that could explain why she’d been bringing her knees tightly to her chest).  Then he had me hold in my arms face up, and used this little device that sorta vibrate punches very gently, it’s called an activator. He used it on her stomach (to stimulate digestion).  If you want to see how it’s used click here

Activator Tool

Since the appointment she’s been “sleeping like a baby” 😀  She seems so much happier.  No more violent crying, and squeezing her arms and knees into her chest.  That would just break my heart.

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