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I feel that all too often pregnancy and post pregnancy have such negative things associated with them.  Having a child certainly does take a toll on your body and emotions and everything and anything ha ha.  But there really are some great “perks” aside from having a new little “miracle” to snuggle up to, and the sheer joy you feel.  I’m going to share some of them with you.  I’m only a first time mom, so I’m sure there are tons of “perks” and “joys” to being a mom that I haven’t discovered yet (I look forward to learning them) but I’m going to share some that I enjoy.

1. You burn 1000 calories/daily (if you are breastfeeding)
2. You can get out of anything, hehe.  (not as powerful as the pregnancy card but the next best thing)
3. Built in “Magic Potion” aka breast milk.  (It seriously cures everything!  I use it on my breakouts and     I kid you not they are gone within a day-2 days max)
4. You are encouraged to take naps
5. There is a little person that is literally part of you

6. There is nothing that can describe your baby cuddling up close to you.  And that’s probably one of my favorite things 😀

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