2014-08-14 15.16.44
I decided to wear some earrings (for the first time in…..I have no idea how long) that I got as a gift from my sister.  (She brought back from Disney Land! Ah I just loooove her )
Anyway, I wanted to show them off, but my hair is so darn thick, so obviously a ponytail was the only option, but I’ve been doing lazy ponies, side-brides etc every day since having our little girl.  So I came up with this, just to mix it up a bit.   It’s pretty self explanatory.  I wasn’t able to get step by step pics because there was no one around to take them, but it’s pretty easy to figure out if you have questions just email me 🙂
STEP 1:  Take a 1 inch chunk (adjust thickness as needed depending on your hair)
from behind your left ear.  Do a normal braid, tie it off, pull at the strands to make loose.
Do the same to the right side.
STEP 2:  Take one of the braids, pull it up and over the top of your head, and bobby pin it at the end.
Repeat with the other braid.
STEP 3:  Pull the rest of the hair back into a ponytail and voila!
Tip:  To avoid getting a bump at the base of your braid, braid the hair up in the direction that it’s going to be laying over the top of your head.  Hopefully that made sense.