I can’t believe summer is ending.  Fortunately it’s definitely still pool weather where we are.  But still, there is just something so energizing about summer, I hate to see it go.  BUT now I have coats, scarves, leggings and boots to look forward to.  I do love fall fashion, and last year I didn’t get to take advantage of fall/winter fashion nor did I purchase one article of clothing because I was in the beginning stage of my pregnancy and I was soooo extremely sick (more so than your average pregnant lady) that i literally didn’t get out of my sweats from September to February! Yeah it was bad 🙁

But this year I’m going all out!  I have my eye on some over the knee boots.  I’ve been dying to get my hands on some since one of my favorite bloggers posted about some last winter.  I’m just so happy they’re still in style.  The ones I want are available at Nordstrom, and hallelujah we are getting one here this week!  So I can go try them on and see if I actually like them….I’m positive I will….but it’s always nice to be able to try it on first, especially shoes, I love my shoes to be comfortable.  So hopefully it all works out, and you’ll be seeing me post about them soon 😀

2013-06-24 02.18.092013-06-24 02.19.01Thanks as always for stopping by!



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