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Ever heard that sleeping helps you lose weight???  Maybe not, but now you have.  Sleeping can help you lose weight (also too much sleep can make you gain weight…so please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying…also I’m no medical expert so don’t take what I say as fact necessarily…I just speak what I know from experience and I share articles I’ve read that supports this theory…so take it all with a grain of salt)

This article talks a lot about habits or choices that we make while sleep deprived that can cause unhealthy weight gain.

And this one I really like, it explains the effects lack of sleep has on our brains.  Also how it not necessarily causes YOU to eat more (though it definitely has an influence) but lack of sleep itself has a chemical effect on your body.

Now I’m not trying to make those people who barely have time to think let alone sleep feel guilty.  Believe me I’ve gone through those times in life where I was working three jobs, going to school, just trying to get by and forget about a social life. Needless to say I had quite a few “pity parties” of poor tired Joi, she’s always SO tired.  But I look back on those times and realize that there were still choices I could have made to get more sleep.  Like instead of watching a 20 minute show, take a quick nap.  Or rather than spend time on Facebook or text I could catch a few Zs.  Right now I have a brand new baby, and I could sleep while she naps rather than post on my blog LOL.  But at least NOW I know that I DO have options and I’m making the choice. There are always choices 🙂

Hope some of this was helpful to have a healthier lifestyle…if not, I hope it was at least interesting 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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