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Chillaxin' by the pool
Chillaxin’ by the pool

Sweater: Hollister//Sunnies: Steve Madden via Dillards (old)//Shorts: Gap on sale!//shirt: Gap on sale!

I sooo incredibly grateful for my awesome brother who just snaps these photos for me whenever & wherever.  He & I were talking the other day about a bunch of stuff…and one thing was how it’s been a little hard for him since moving out here…he was the social king & definition of entourage back home so it’s been quite an adjustment for him not having any friends yet.  It’s also been hard for him to step out of his comfort zone & meet people at church because he’s used to having all his wing men & lady friends backing him up.  And my little bro is honestly the sweetest, funniest most non judgmental guy I know…and not being biased but the kid is a stud 🙂  So I just ached for him.

So I told him that maybe this is time for him to learn to still be the guy who reaches out and befriends others even when he’s alone.  “Be a friend first” has become our phrase.  And then I thought that this principle could really apply to anybody.  BE the friend you want to have, and BE a friend first…then friends will come.  I know it’s hard being single and living away from home for the first time, I’ve certainly been there done that and I just feel for him (and my little sister-they’re both living out here).  But IMAGINE if everyone did this…tried to befriend people even before they had their own friends…how this could affect so many in an awesome way.  So after talking with my brother, I decided to try and apply this in my own life as well.  Go try and do the same and see what happens…I know I’m excited to 😀

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