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A few days back I mentioned that Nordstrom was opening near me and I was sooo obsessed with getting some over the knee boots that I’ve had my eye on since last fall.  So I went there today to try them on and see if they were even worth obsessing over the way I’d been for the last year….and yeah, they were.  They were sooo nice, and amazing, but I just couldn’t bring myself to get them.  So I’ll just tell you, they were the Stuart Weitzman “Highland” boots, and $750!

I just couldn’t bring myself to buy them.  I felt like it would be selfish of me to spend that much of my husband’s hard earned money.  Even though he told me it was ok.

But then these Ivanka ones caught my eye.  They looked almost exactly the same, and I thought “why not”  So I tried them on, and believe it or not they were actually more comfortable than the Stuart Weitzman.  You could obviously feel the difference in quality to the touch.  But I even tried one of each, the Ivanka & Highland at the same time, and I couldn’t tell the difference, a passerby by complimented them & she couldn’t even tell I had two different boots on.  I liked the fit of the Highland on the shaft better, but the Ivanka fit my foot better (which is probably the more important part).  And they were SOO much more affordable!

What a blessing!  I decided that if I got the Stuart Weitzman instead, I literally would ONLY be paying for the name and not the fit.  If they were like half the price I would have gotten them instead (because the quality did feel divine!) but if you’re like me you’ll be more than happy with the Ivanka Trump “Sarena” and the price tag.

*Not available at Nordstrom online.  But online at Macy’s or in store Nordstrom.


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