CRAFTY>>Lipstick Holder

CRAFTY>>Lipstick Holder

While doing some deep house cleaning & organizing (bleh!) I was attempting to organize my cluttered hair & make-up area, and  realized how nice it would be to have a cute way to display my lipstick.  But I really need to stop spending money for a little while…we’ve all been there right 😉  Then I got the idea to make my own!  And it literally took 30 minutes & I just used stuff that I already had laying around the house 😀  Here’s how you do it.

2014-09-15 17.28.13

>>>Take any cute box you have, AND a shoe box (really just any cardboard or thick thick card stock…you’re going to cut that one up)

2014-09-15 17.30.18>>>Cut pieces of cardboard and hot glue them into the box making a checker board like pattern.  Adjust sizes according to the sizes of your lipstick.

2014-09-16 15.09.25>>>It should look something like this…You can make as many slots as you like
2014-09-15 17.40.17>>>And then you’re done 😀

2014-09-16 14.55.42Hope that this helps any of you other ladies on a budget out there…but still want to cute-i-fy your room 😀  If you’d rather purchase a lipstick holder,  I love this one here, I might get it later on down the road as well…because let’s be hones I will ALWAYS be adding more lipstick to my collection…I have weakness for them.

That’s it for today.  Have a fantastic weekend!!!

Until Monday—Xoxo

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