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Hope you all had a great weekend.

I was in the mood for some of my mama’s homemade salsa.  I swear after eating this I just can’t eat regular store bought jarred salsa.  And the great thing is it’s healthy so there’s no guilt in going crazy and eating as much as you please 😀  Which is exactly what I did.  The other day my husband was working a really long day, so it was just me and the baby girl.  During her nap I just relaxed with a huge bowl (or….three) of salsa, my favorite pita chips & went to town while watching White Chicks.  Ha ha is it just ridiculous that I love that movie 😀

Anyway—-this is SUPER easy to make….literally it’s practically just chopping.  So here ya go.

You Will Need

(*You can adjust portions to your liking)

~6 beef steak tomatoes (they are the large kind)

~1/2 bunch cilantro

~juice from 3 regular size limes

~2 tomatillos

~1 red onion (1/3 if yours is bigger than a softball like mine was)

~1 bell pepper (any color—I like yellow to add a POP of color)

~3 cloves fresh minced garlic

~1/2 jar Walmart (Great Value brand) corn & black bean salsa

~1 Mango

Season to taste with salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper

* If you like it spicy add 1 Jalepeno pepper>>>You can also add baby shrimp-I don’t do that all the time, it was just on sale the other day so I tossed it in & it was amazing!  My husband especially liked it.

2014-09-20 20.17.21


Chop everything up & mix it together in a large bowl.  It’s also good with avocado, but I’d recommend adding it on top of what you’re eating because they get all brown & mushy when they sit for a while.


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