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I wanted to give mine a vintage feel. So I didn’t make everything super cut & dry precise. i also added some texturizing with the modge podge.

>>>So my little sis had a canvas of this sign (I first saw it in Gossip Girl and wanted one) that her friend made for her. ┬áI saw it & once again realized I had to have it! ­čśÇ

But her friend charges $90 dollars & online I couldn’t find one for less than $100! ­čÖü ┬áSo I looked more closely at my sister’s and thought “how hard could this really be?” ┬áSo I went to Michaels (who is having a huge sale by the way) picked up a canvas, a bottle of black & bottle of white acrylic paint-satin finish

1 small 1 large
1 small 1 large

(You will only need one bottle of each), two sponges and a bottle of modge podge. ┬á(Total of $24 with Michael’s sale).

I simply painted the entire canvas white. ┬áTraced the letters from my sister’s on printer paper. ┬áPenciled them onto the canvas. ┬áPainted in with black (3 coats) and coated over 3 times with modge podge. ┬áThe great thing about acrylic is it dries really fast.

Here’s an article of the history of this sign. ┬áI was a little bumbed to learn that it wasn’t some incredible painting from Paris or some sort of fashion museum lol. ┬áBut the real thing is still pretty interesting.

Hope you have a great day! Xoxo