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Our little one is officially 3 months!  (For the special occasion I’m posting pics…usually I don’t) I can’t believe how fast time has gone.  People always tell you it just flies by, but you never realize just how true that is until it’s happening to you.

She is 12 lbs, has beautiful blue eyes, cutest toothless grin, can hold her own head up, loves bath time, talks a lot (baby talk), loves her bouncer, is determined to sit up on her own (is always trying so hard to) likes to feel her ears.

During these months I’ve discovered some things that I absolutely LOVE for a newborn & being a new mom, and brands of items that I prefer over others.  So I’m just going to share some of those with you.

>Giraffe Pacifier  The best pacifier ever!  The little toy actually helps keep the pacifier in your baby’s mouth & helps keep it from getting lost (they have like every animal you can think of).  Available at Nordstrom & Amazon 

>Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag I was using a simple diaper bag for awhile, but over time it started to slouch & when I’d go on quick errands & leave her w/dad, I’d always have to switch to a regular purse, because the diaper bag just looked too much like a diaper bag lol.  But this Petunia one is a two-in-one.  And no more bouncing back & forth.  Plus it’s super sturdy.

>Raglan Tee I’m all about loose fitting tops (they especially make nursing a lot easier).  I love these from Victoria’s Secret.  I actually cut the sleeves off to make it a short sleeve top ha ha.

>Koala Pals Shampoo also available here.  Don’t know if you were aware but tear free baby shampoo use to have formaldehyde in it (it would numb the baby’s eyes & that’s what would make it “tear free” Johnson Johnson has claimed to have removed it from their shampoo.  But I still just prefer the Koala Pals that I KNOW doesn’t have it.

>Coconut Oil I use it as lotion (baby lotion was little hard on her skin), it also helps prevent diaper rash.  I just put it on after the bath.  Mainly on her legs where her skin is dryer.

>Huggies Pure & Natural (Diaper & Wipes)//Pampers She was getting such bad rashes because of the harshness of the wipes and chemicals in the diapers.  I had to use wet paper towels on her for weeks.  And still now I only use these.  Pampers overall have fewer chemicals than average diapers.  But I think Huggies prevent poop explosions better, so I use the pure & natural.

>Bouncer  She LOVES this.  (We have the Monkey one—but apparently they don’t have that one anymore 🙁 ) But this is still the same…it’s just a puppy now.  She especially loves looking up at the dangling monkeys.

Hope these items gave you some ideas of things to try out.  Thanks for stopping by


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