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Heels: 14th & Union via Nordstrom Rack (sold out also love these, and these//Moto leather pants: Revolve clothing (old) similar here//Top: Forever21 (old)//Lipstick: MAC ‘Fanfare’

You know those days you just throw on whatever first catches your eye, not thinking ahead of time how it will look…but when it feels comfortable & ends up looking good it makes your day?  Well that happened today 😀 I figured I HAD to put a post on all the outfit details, but it was rainy outside 🙁  So I started filming a hair tutorial and realized I really liked the lighting in our bedroom.  I thought heh what the heck.  So I grabbed my husband and had him snap a few photos around our room.  Lol, maybe not the most conventional thing but it works…and spontaneity is great!

I realized after I still had my sunglasses on from running errands.  But in my defense it was pretty bright in the room hehe.

Thanks for stopping by you guys!



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