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We had a fun BBQ with my aunt during our visit with her.  And It got me & my husband hooked on these BBQ chicken Salads.  Eating healthy doesn’t always have to mean Organic or onl shopping at Whole Foods, because lets me honest, most people just don’t have that in their budget.  But you can still eat healthy.  For one, you can buy non organic fruits & veggies and simply use a fruit/veggie cleaner.  That’s what I do most of the time.

And meals like this salad combo are so easy, so affordable & so yummy.  (Not to mention HEALTHY!)  It’s filling too…my husband is a big boy with quite an appetite, and he LOVES this.

What you need

>Salad in a bag (we use the one with walnuts, cranberries & feta)

>Chicken thighs (you can buy frozen, or most stores will have a sale on the freshly packaged ones) plus avocado

What to do

(Season chicken however you like but this is what I did)

>>>Marinade for 10 minutes in Sweet Baby Rays original BBQ sauce w/juice from 1/2 lime.  (I don’t have specific measurements, I just eyeball it)

>>>Cook on a fire grill (taste the best I think) or in a frying pan

Load up your plate with Salad, top with chicken  VOILA!

*You can also serve with some bread (I love garlic french bread 😛



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