2014-10-04 12.27.18

>>>Nothing is more perfect than relaxing with my little one in this gorgeous weather & comfy hammock.


2014-10-04 17.00.49

*Tutorial for this ^ coming soon

>>>I love spending weekends watching shows (right now we’re obsessed with “Suits”) & playing with different hair styles while I sit on the couch.  This is one I came up with that I really liked.

My husband has a week off work and I couldn’t be happier!  With the weather finally cooling off we’re going to do some fun stuff (I hope—we always say that, but I swear we end up getting lazy & just chilling at home).  But I’d really like to go explore this city more.  I’d also like to start saving so we can go restaurant exploring.  That’s what I call trying new places (that aren’t chain preferably) and eating your heart out.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE eating out, but we haven’t gone out in awhile because let’s be honest, eating out ends up adding up, and I do like cooking, and it is healthier and easier to eat clean when you’re in control of all the ingredients.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

I’ll just be watching more General Conference come 10 am (mountain daylight time)



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