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>>>I seriously have a soft spot for hammocks.  When I was little, I’d pretend I was an Indian warrior orphan, living in the woods, (a hammock was my bed).  There were times i wanted to sleep there over night, but I’d always chicken out once the sun went down & I could suddenly hear every little creepy sound around me that I swear weren’t there during the day 😀2014-10-03 12.32.15

Flats: Easy Spirit via Nordstrom Rack & similar//Top: (old) LOVE this one//Lipstick: MAC ‘Japanese Maple’//Nail Color: China Glaze ‘Refresh-Mint’

I use to have this picture on my bedroom wall for year.  It was of a baby wolf chewing on a stick, it’s face all scrunched into (what looked like) a grin.  Underneath was the caption “Simple Pleasures”  I though it was the cutest thing, and recently I’ve learned how true it is.  Simplicity brings so much more joy and contentment.  Lately I’ve had to count on the more simple things in life (without going into too much detail) and I’ve noticed so much more PEACE by doing so.  I won’t get all kum ba yah on you 😉  But for one simple joy, it’s been just watching Kylie while she is discovering how to make new sounds.  She’s been in this growling phase haha.  Daniel calls her his “little Orc baby” It’s sooo funny and so cute!

I’ve been enjoying the more “simple” days as far as my outfits go as well. Just a top, jeans & every girl needs a pair of black flats I think.  Just to slip on and GO.  And black goes with pretty much ANYTHING! These I especially love because they are cushioned inside, and the soles have a good grip to them…I know that sounds weird and you probably wouldn’t expect that on this kind of shoe, but they do and it’s perfect.  Because when I’m running errands with a baby and in a hurry, I want something I can walk fast in, stand in for a long time, not slip on wet pavement (it’s been raining a lot here) and I’d just rather not have to wear my jogging shoes every time 😉  So these make me still feel dressed up and like a lady 😀

So go ahead and try looking for the otherwise “not so glamorous” things in your life, and be grateful for them.  It makes life so much more enjoyable 😀

Broke is to not have money, poor is a state of mind” ~Unknown

Have a great day everyone! Xoxo

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