Who else is excited for SWEATER WEATHER!?  I cannot wait!  Although it has still yet to arrive where I am 🙁  But I suppose I should just enjoy the warm sunny days while I still can, because I’m pretty sure after a month of straight cold I’ll be counting down the days for summer ha ha.  “Live happily in the moment right”

I have another hair tutorial for ya’ll today.  It seriously takes like 5 minutes to do, and you can do it on pretty much any length of hair.  Even if your hair is REALLY short, you can still do this, you just probably won’t be able to braid the pulled back pieces….that will make sense when you watch the tutorial 😉

My brother is going to go with me to this super cute shopping area we live by to take some pictures (he’s the BOMB!) and I’m super excited.

have a great day!



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