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>>>Oh DELICIOUS fudge!2014-10-01 16.29.26
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>>>Trying on some cowboy hats in good Ol’ Texas 🙂2014-10-01 15.27.502014-10-01 16.29.02

>>>My man looking so sexy

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Shirt: Target//Skirt: Banana Republic (old) similar//Diaper Bag: Petunia Pickle Bottom//Heels: 14th & Union via Nordstrom Rack//Lipstick: Lancome ‘All Done Up’

We got to explore the CUUUTEST little town.  It had the quaintest little southern building, with white picket fences and all.  Although it isn’t an actual inhabited town now….it USED to be…now it’s basically a tourist site w/lots of boutiques, restaurants, and good food (and I NEVER complain about good food:) ).  Also….this may sound pathetic, but I came across this lipstick buried in my old make-up.  BUT this lipstick wasn’t old by any means…try BRAND NEW!  I got it as a gift a year ago…didn’t really like it back then, but lOVE it now.  So glad I didn’t just throw it out.

Maybe take a peek in some of your old make-up…you might find a surprise too 😀

I’ve also been wearing these leopard print heels with EVERYTHING lately.  They just dress up any outfit I feel.  I use to not like animal print of any kind, but leopard is really growing on me.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.  Xoxo