2014-10-08 11.13.19

1.Bullies>>>I just can’t fathom the kind of person who would intentionally cause someone to question their self worth & feel less of themselves.

2. Horror movies>>>I’m scared for months, I refuse to watch them.

3. “One Uppers”>>>Why can’t people just say “wow that’s great” or “good for you” rather than try and be “better” than them.

4. Video Games>>>This is tough because my husband LOVES them.  I simply think they can be a waste of time.  But we have an understanding that that’s what helps him unwind & what he enjoys (just like shopping helps me), we’re all different so as long as he doesn’t shut himself away for half the day gaming (which he doesn’t)…then we’re ok.  But I still don’t like them.

5. Negative People>>>Being negative is easy.  But it does NO good for anyone.

6. Potty Mouths/Vulgar People>>>People who drop F bombs and profanities left and right with no filter I just don’t get.  There are like 100,000 other words in the English vocabulary…so seriously???

7. Crocodiles/Alligators>>>They seriously freak me out

8. Chinese Food (American version, love authentic)>>>There is practically NOTHING that I won’t eat.  But since being pregnant all the sugars added into most Chinese food makes me feel nauseous.

9. Screamo music>>>It hurts my head when I can’t understand the lyrics

10. Clutter>>>Messes & clutter seriously affect my mood.  I get cranky and flustered.  And I don’t like feeling that way.

10 things i LIKE soon to come 🙂