2014-10-04 09.08.24

>>>Today’s “Monday Munchies” post isn’t exactly a recipe per say, but more so a look into what I do for my “go to” meals on a day to day basis.  Being a mom…the quicker & easier the better 🙂

I’ve taken to making a big thing of brown rice (we get the organic brown rice from Costco, I believe “Lundberg” is the brands) about 3-4 cups (just in a regular rice cooker) along with 3 chicken flavored bouillon cubes.  Then I’ll keep that in the fridge to serve as a staple for the next few days.  I’ll just grab a bowl and reheat some of the rice and top it with anything that sounds good.  But I always have some form of vegetable, protein, healthy fat.


>>>Protein-Chicken, laughing cow cheese/babybel, egg over easy (the yoke works like a sauce, so yummy….if you like eggs over easy)

>>>Vegetable-Grilled Zucchini (like in the pic), broccoli, squash, spinach

>>>Healthy Fat-Pretty much I only ever do avocado

This meal is SUPER filling, healthy AND brown rice keeps you regulated, always a good thing right 😉

Thanks for reading everyone, I seriously appreciate you all! And I love it whenever I hear from you.