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^^^I LOVE palm trees…feeling so lucky to have them nearby, even outside my home state 🙂 ^^^

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Leather Pants Revolve Clothing // Top (old) similar //Heels Nordstrom Rack 

Don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but it is sunny and beautiful HERE.  I swear, Sundays always have the best weather.  When I was little it drove me crazy, because my parents strongly believed and taught us that Sundays are The Lord’s day, so it’s not the day we go to the swimming and out on the town, but one we spend with our family, and serving other people (that might be visiting a lonely person, making dinner for someone who is sick etc).  So when I was a child you could see how that would drive me CRAZY!  Our neighbors had a pool, and our friends would always go out to eat, and of course Sunday would be the perfect day to swim, or play outside, but instead we were in church…but looking back, and looking at where I am now, I am SOOO grateful to my parents for teaching me what was most important, and how to put others first whenever possible.  It seriously has brought me closer to my family…We would swim at my friend’s house ALL the time during the week, and I honestly can’t remember the details of those days, but I remember the fun stuff I’d do with my family, and good way I felt at church 🙂

LOL and I’m realizing that I’ve worn these heels for like my last 3 posts…maybe even more, but I can’t help it, they seem to suddenly be going with everything I want to wear, EVERYDAY! Ha ha ha

Well, Hope you have a great rest of your Sunday.

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