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^^This little guy ran up to us when we were shooting :)^^

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Dress Anthropology via Downeast (old) in LOVE with THIS one || Booties Target similar || Lipstick MAC ‘Smoked Purple’

My little sis, Ruby, may have gotten me hooked on matte lipstick…I have HAAAATED them for the longest time and never understood why on earth anyone would want matte lipstick… But now, they’re growing on me, because she pointed out that they don’t rub off on everything, and your hair doesn’t stick to you lips, hmmm both are good reasons to give it a chance.  And so far I like it, of course I still like to mix it up with my more moisturizing ones, but now I’m adding a little more variety.  I still have to perfect applying them obviously, because I didn’t think to moisturize my lips before applying this ‘Smoked Purple’ shade by Mac, and needles to say, it looked a little blotchy :/ Ha ha, but I’ll get it down next time.

Well I’m gonna go hang out with my hubby, he’s been at work all day, and I feel like I haven’t seen him in weeks!

Have a great night.



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