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Jacket Maurice’s // Top Forever21 // Skirt White House Black Market // Boots Gift // Lipstick MAC ‘Smoked Purple’

*Photos by White Shadow Photography

Okay, so it was AFTER these pictures that I learned how to properly apply matte lipstick…because I’ll be the first to admit, my lips don’t look their best here, but the live and learn right??? 🙂 One thing I LOVE about pictures, is how they never cease to surprise you.  We’ll be taking pictures and I’ll start thinking “man I can wait to see how this or that one turns out”  And it’s always the ones I’d never expect to like that I end up using in my blog.  Funny how that works huh.  And my sister is so much more talented than I am, she’ll take a picture from a certain angle that I would not have picked to look good.  I always knew she was talented, but I’m learning more and more to just trust her “eye” for stuff.  And by the way, I just have to point out, that all these photos we’ve taken since she’s been here, are NOT edited.  She doesn’t have her computer here, or a super professional editing program period, yet she knows how to work with what she’s got and does wonders! I’m so proud of my little sis (if you couldn’t tell ha ha) and I can’t wait to see where she goes in life 😀 Seriously if you haven’t yet, you should check out her Facebook Page

Ps.  I’ve been doing yoga every day for the last week, and I feel so great!  I forgot how much I love it…even just doing stretches during a movie or something is all I need to not feel so pressed together.

Hope you’re all having a good week.


“If you’re always dwelling on the past, you’ll never have a future, or even a present”


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