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I love waking up with this girl…and even more so on a warm sunny morning.  I’m shocked that she’s so happy today, considering how UNHAPPY she was allll night.  If it weren’t 3 in the morning, I would think it was super funny how she would talk (loudly) to herself, then randomly yell.  Ha ha, it was pretty funny, but I was tired this morning, that’s for sure.

We watched the Imitation Game last night…I’m a huge fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, and I have been for years now, so it makes me so happy that his career is taking off.  Anyway, it was a great movie!  And made me realize that there is so much about World War II that I can still learn.

I’m taking Kylie to a birthday party today (my friend’s little boy is turning 1), it should be fun to get out and socialize with other girls and for Kylie to meet more kids.  This girl gets so excited when she sees other kids 🙂

Well have a good day!


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