COCONUT OIL is my liquid gold.  It has so many uses, and I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the many things it can be used for, because it’s kinda been sweeping the nation.  I’ve been using it for years to replace so many things, and it’s a good money saver.  So weather you’ve heard how amazing it is or not, you can never know too much, right?  So I’ll share some of what I know.

COCONUT OIL can replace ALL of this!

chapstick dove lotion remover shave

It can also replace other things in cooking.

I learned from my friend Jessica, that it can replace butter, or oil in baking!  It’s amazing in cookies, it gives it like a coconutty/almond like taste, it’s just DIVINE!

But seriously, I’ve NEVER owned make-up remover (because I’ve only ever used coconut oil or Vaseline) and I haven’t purchased chap stick since high school.  I’d totally recommend it 🙂  If anything else, it will save you money.  Think about it.  Chap stick $2.50//Deep Conditioner $10.00+//Body Lotion $5.00//Makeup Remover $4.97//Shave Gel $2.50 Total=$32.97  

Coconut Oil=$8.00-$20.00

Have a great week you guys!!!




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