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Flats Born Crown  similar // Sweater Hollister (old) // Shirt Victoria’s Secret (I cut the sleeves on mine 😉 ) // Pants Treasure Bond on sale! // Lipstick MAC ‘Peach Blossom‘ with MAC ‘Smoked Purple‘ over top

What girl doesn’t love some gold shoes 🙂  I’ve seriously been wearing them with EVERYTHING almost EVERY day.  I got them a looong time ago, but waited to wear them until now so that I could get as much wear out of my boots during the cold months.  And now the weather is delightful and these flats are back in stock!!!  And they’re incredibly comfortable…that’s never a bad thing.

Are you all getting ready for Valentines Day?  Ours isn’t going to be anything extravagant, and it will include a baby, which I’m totally fine with.  Sometimes the simple “just hanging out” dates are the best, and bring you the closest together.  I’d love to hear what some of your V-day plans are.

Xoxo, have a fabulous day!


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