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(PC 1 Russian Red//PC 2 Cyber)


Another day, another post.  V-day this year is going to be very chill.  In fact Daniel had to work today (but fortunately he’s off at 6, yaaay)

And it’s going to be a party of 3, which is just fine.  I keep racking my brain for something special I can do, but always come to the same conclusion that it would just be a waste of money…so I’m sticking to the classics “keep it simple” “less is more” and all that jazz.  I’ve been doing my best to get the mood by decorating the apartment with flowers.  Funny story.  My sis and I one night went walking around the complex collecting flowers from all the rose bushes (which now thinking about it, that might have not been ok lol), then I strung them across the patio doorway.  j

Now down to what this is really about……………LIPSTICK!!!  Even though we’re not going “out on the town” I’m still going to wear something fancy pants and do my make-up…and what is a good makeup look without a good lip color???!?  And for those of you who are like I was (up until a couple years ago) and not sure where to start, what lip color, brands, etc.  this post will (I hope) give you some ideas and point you in the right direction.  So I’m a lipstick junky, I have a bajillion, but my favorite brand I keep going back to no matter what is MAC, if you read my blog then you know from all my posts my lipstick is almost always MAC.  I like them for a number of reasons, some of which include, they’re pretty reasonably priced for name brand lipstick, they smell good (yeah really) they don’t have that “lipstick” smell.  And they have an endless variety of colors/shades/finishes and they ALL photograph really well.  I’ve been building up my MAC lip collection and they’re ALL my favorites, so I’m sharing ALL of them.   I’ve broken them down into groups. FLIRTY & NUDE,  SIMPLE & SWEET, BRIGHT & POPPIN’, SEDUCTRESS.



(for those who want a neutral look, or are just starting to wear lipstick and just want to dip your toes).

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As you can see, Japanese Maple & Creme d’Nude are very similar. Japanese maple has a little more of a coral undertone.  Whereas Creme d’nude is like the universal nude, and tends to look different (but good-I find) on everybody.  I usually use those two to tone down a darker shade, Peach Blossom I wear on it’s own.  If you’re blond, I find that JM & CDN look great by themselves.




(now that you’ve dipped your toes, and wanna get a little more immersed, these colors are still simple but have a bit more personality)

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Kim Kardashian once said in an interview that Angel was her favorite lipstick…so you’ve probably already heard of this shade.  It really is great.  A nice baby pink shade.  Fanfare I LOVE because it’s just a tint darker than my lip color, so it enhances your lip shade rather than paint it on for a nice natural look 🙂




(for those big, bright & bold personalities….but still being a little reserved.  These colors are fun for parties, pictures or just if you’re feeling like standing out 😀 )

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All love all 3 of these and wear them equally.(*Pink Pearl Pop I find oxidizes a bit, so it becomes darker & brighter once it’s on)   I love them because they are bold, but not too out there.  And they look good with dark hair, which I’ve found it hard to find bright colors that don’t look weird with my skin tone or hair color.  I’ve seen ALL of these on blonds as well, and they look great.  Red heads I’m not sure, so PLEASE if you have red hair and like or dislike any of these shades, please SHARE! 🙂




 (basically dark shades for an evening look, or great if you’re wearing minimal to no makeup, these colors make it look like you’re wearing more)

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So I find that Smoked Purple and Cyber are practically the SAME.  Only difference is that Cyber appears darker because it is more pigmented (which I like) however it is less matte than Smoked Purple.  So it just depends on what you’re going for.  Me personally, I like Cyber, because it is still fairly matte, and I prefer the pigmentation over the completely matte finish that Smoked Purple offers.  And Russian Red is just fabulous!  And for being matte, it goes on so smooth.

Hope you enjoyed this!

You can find all lipstick shades @ Nordstrom Website




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