Snaps from the week……

2015-02-12 15.41.02

^^I love that our complex offers free HOT CHOCOLATE & COOKIES!

2015-02-12 22.28.39

^^Had a girls night, and we painted our nails <3

2015-02-14 15.07.26

^^At some point I got bored and rearranged the living room furniture

2015-02-10 17.06.47

^^Of course we did a photo shoot w/Kristi

2015-02-08 19.26.14

^^Dad found a fun Youtube video of 1 hour of kids songs.  Kylie’s new absolute favorite thing.  Ignore the messy room lol

2015-02-17 11.31.46 2015-02-17 11.27.19

^^Went and visited the Houston LDS Temple

2015-02-17 11.28.06 2015-02-16 16.02.46

^^Had a fun tea/stuffed animal birthday party w/my friend Jessica & her cute kids

2015-02-17 11.30.02 2015-02-17 11.28.49

While I’m sitting on my couch staring googly eyed at my phone at all the Fashion Week activity, it makes me so excited to go next Fall.  That’s my goal anyway.  I think it’s so important to have goals, and VISUALIZE positive things.   It keeps me focused and purpose oriented…otherwise I find myself slipping into a funk where I’m not sure why I do anything that I do on a daily basis.  Lately I’ve personally found how your thoughts impact your life.  I was reading an article that put it very well.  If you’re constantly thinking of problems, your subconscious will find more problems for you…thus having a negative affect on your happiness and success.  But if you’re looking for positive things and solutions, your subconscious will find more solutions and things to be happy about 😀  Here’s that article if you’d like to read it.

It’s not always easy, but I’ve been training my mind to focus on the good (and it honestly feels like a brain workout haha, haven’t felt that since my grueling High School and college classes).  But so far it’s made a world of difference.  I feel happier and more loving towards other people by not focusing on the negative.  Like my dad always said, “Life it going to happen.  You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you deal with it, and make it easier to go through whatever it is 🙂 ”

Hope you all have a HAPPY week, no matter what.  Thank you so much for reading!



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