FITNESS!!! Time To DO this!

FITNESS!!! Time To DO this!


I’m going to do it!  NO more excuses, or half arsed efforts hehe.  What I’m referring to is (finally) achieving my fitness goal that I’v honestly had for ages!  I did reach my first one, which was to be at my pre-pregnancy weight, and I am under that in fact…BUT (there’s always a but) a lot of that is due to loss of lean muscle (because I couldn’t keep anything down for more than half my pregnancy).  I’m pretty comfortable with where I am, but I’ve always had the goal at the back of my mind to turn all my softness to firm muscle 🙂 I’m not talking ripped, or looking like I could beat my husband in an arm wrestling match haha.  but just to be firm, and have a little bit more definition.  And I think it’s important to have goals and to do something for yourself (whatever it may be) that will help you feel could about yourself, and enable you to be a better person.  I’ve always loved working out, yoga and eating healthy, but it was always to just MAINTAIN…and now I’m ready for something new.

So this time I’m giving myself I deadline, AND a reward (for incentive).  Starting Monday, I’ll have 12 weeks to get to the point I want, and then I will buy myself a new swimsuit 🙂 YAAAAY.  My inspiration came from a blogger favorite of mine The Freckled Fox, you should go check her out.  She’s a mom of FOUR and just lovely inside and out.

So anyway, I’ll be posting updates of my journey, PLUS workouts, recipes and any other tid bits I pick up along the way 😀

Thanks for reading everyone!

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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