FITNESS: Ab, Inner Thigh & Lower Belly toning tip

FITNESS: Ab, Inner Thigh & Lower Belly toning tip

After an incredible, fun, adventurous, pleasant, wonderful 2 month visit from my little sis, she finally had to go back home yesterday (TEARS!) So I’ll have to find other ways & people to keep my company while Daniel is working…I mean taking care of a baby and house IS time consuming, but we women tend to need that little extra shot of energy or uplift-meant, which for me, comes from friends, activities, projects or any sort of interaction with people 🙂

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Tank: DIY from Hurly shirt || Capri: Gifted from a Swap Sale similar & here || Sport Bra: WalMart

 One thing that’s going to keep me pretty busy is my fitness goal.  I started today (yeah I know I said Monday, but yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind) and I’ll be doing hard (well harder) core workouts.  I’ve always been physically active and love it, but I’ve never tried to build muscle tone before.  I’ve gained lots of information from Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers with lots of my own research and such, but I never really had the desire to “tone up” until after having Kylie, because now my muscles are a little weaker & softer than I’d like 😉  So today I intensified my workout a bit, AND discovered a new workout extra  that I enjoy (I know lots of you have probably already done this, but for those of you who haven’t…I hope this is something you’d like to add into your workout routine).  I just take a 4 lb (and I’ll probably do a heavier one on occasion as well, today was just the first time it crossed my mind to do this) medicine ball, and squeeze it between my knees, like they do in Pilates.  It engages your inner thighs and lower abdomen into your basic crunches/sit ups.  So I did a variety of these, as well as sitting up, and lifting the ball with my knees.  I love this workout because it targets major areas that I want to tone, thighs & lower stomach,  but can sometimes be hard to target, at the same time doing working my abs 😀

Give it a try, and I’d love to hear how it went

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