Lets be honest, having nice makeup never doesn’t feel good 🙂  Sometimes though, it just doesn’t fit the budget…and that’s OK, because financial situations can go from bad to good, good to bad over night.  But here are some ways you can STILL have certain things, without being irresponsible and breaking the budget 🙂

I came up with most of these things during a time I was broke. Which by the way, Broke is when you have no money, poor is a state of mind”

estee lauder

FOUNDATION: Department stores (pretty much ALL as far as I’m aware) will give you a make-up samples all the time.  I was in LOVE with Estee Lauder Double wear, but it was kinda steep for me $37, so I would go get the samples.  And they’re not those little packets with .0000001 of an ounce in them haha, they actually put some in a tube for you right there, and they can last you a couple weeks. ***And when you do decide to purchase, every brand has a giveaway time (Estee Lauder is having theirs at Dillards right now, and Macy’s in a couple weeks) where if you spend a certain amount (like $35) you get a bunch of other free stuff, a make-up bag, lipsticks, some other make up, it’s great!


MASCARA:  Covergirl has coupons for their mascara ALL the time.


LIPS: NYX Butter Gloss is amazing!  They’re around 4.99 most places, and Elf Cosmetics has great price points for ALL their make up




Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo

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