How I try to help myself feel better physically or emotionally

Well this chilly chill weather finally took us DOWN.  Me and the hubby are sick…it’s weird too, I’ve never in our whole marriage seen Daniel’s body shut down like this from a cold.  He’s normally like a furnace 24/7, but his hands are ice cold, and now I’M the one warming him up!  Never thought that would happen :/  Fortunately Kylie hasn’t caught anything, crossing my finger it stays that way 🙂

For me, one of the worst things about being sick is feeling like crap inside and out…You know how they say that you’re body will do what your mind tells it to do, and your mind will think what you tell it to think, to the point of making yourself think you’re feeling fine, your brain will tell your body that it is feeling fine.  This helps with emotional as well as physical sickness (for me, and in my life anyway, I’m in no way diagnosing anyone! Haha)  So here is a short check list to feeling better when you’re feeling sick, sad or just crappy 🙁


2015-02-27 17.39.36

Do your make up a bit.  It doesn’t have to be like your going out on the town or anything, just something to help you feel pretty & put together.  I like red (but it can be any color) lipstick, because I don’t have to put any other makeup on, the red makes it appear as if I’ve done more, because it’s so bold.  (Lipstick is MAC ‘Russian Red’)


2015-02-27 17.38.02If you couldn’t tell, I’m a firm believer in doing what you can to feel good physically (on the outside) in order to help yourself feel better on the inside.  Don’t get me wrong I’m certainly guilty of having days where I didn’t comb through my hair, do my makeup, get out of my sweats or even SHOWER (I know, so bad!).  But if you think about it, every time you go to the restroom, or if you have mirrors around your house, you’re going to see yourself looking, well, like a sick person, and it will just remind you “oh yeah! I’m supposed to be sick”  As far as sweats are concerned though, I do love those too much, and I figure, if my hair is done and I have lipstick on, it’s a free pass to sweats all day (I’m wearing them even as I type this now 😉 )


2015-02-27 17.44.22

As much as you may want to bake cookies (I know I wanted to) sugar is a huge NO, NO when you’re under the weather.  So I did something a little more practical.  I’ve been obsessed with my new found ability to make bread, haha…it’s so much easier than I thought.  RECIPE HERE for me, baking/cooking also makes me feel like I accomplished something! And a sense of accomplishment helps you feel good physically.



If you’re able to, then do some sort of light exercise, you don’t even have to go to the gym or anything.  Just lift some weights if you have them, or stretches, crunches whatever you feel.  Just take 10 minutes and get yourself some of those endorphins 🙂 (which are natural pain killers by the way)

Obviously I’m still trying to take it easy for the day.  I have the bad habit of trying to do too much and then I exhaust myself and make my condition worse!  So don’t do that.  And there’s still nothing better than making myself some chamomile tea, and snuggling up with my little munchkin baby girl and watching a movie…so that’s what we’ll be doing while waiting for dad to get home 🙂

Hope the rest of you are staying warm and well!



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