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:: OUTFIT ::

Boyfriend Jeans // Tee Shirt // Sneakers // Lipstick MAC ‘Pink Pearl Pop’

I couldn’t think of a good title…then I thought the name of my lipstick was pretty fun, so that’s what I made it, haha, so clever I know! (not really)

Today’s been one of those days that is just going right 🙂  I think of the Disney Princess singing in the woods, followed by animals, and just so happy go lucky & carefree.  Lol.  I’ve glad God gives us those days to remind us “hey, I do LOVE you, and whatever struggles you go through are often teaching you, and making you stronger”

It was also a pretty casual day.  Mostly Daniel and I chilled and played with Kylie (man that baby girl is getting to be so hilarious and spunky).  She’s amazing, and definitely better part of my day (other than seeing my husband of course 🙂 )

Since everything was pretty laxed, I kept my outfit as such, I just wanted to be comfortable.  So I went for my boyfriend jeans.  Which I am officially on the adventure of finding how exactly I like to wear them.  I know there are tons of different ways…but not all of them really say “Joi” and then I start feeling out of my skin in a way and uncomfortable.  So I’ll be playing around with it more in the future, maybe even do a post JUST for Boyfriend Jeans.

Ps. Sales of the week that I’ve come across.  New York & Company has all pants and jeans buy one get one!!! (today is the last day)  Also Express is having some good deals.

As always, thanks for reading.  Have an awesome week!



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