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We’ve been long overdue for a date night.  Whenever we do go out we always take Kylie with us (I’m just not ready to leave her yet), but recently a man we really admire recommended that we make date nights JUST about each other.  So we make it a rule that on date night (once a week) we turn off electronics, and don’t talk about Kylie or stressful stuff, but about things any courting couple would talk about. And who says you HAVE to leave the house to spend time together or have a date ? 🙂

So we made some hot chocolate and s’mores over a candle, and watched Crocodile Dundee, haha I’d never seen it (GASP I know).  All in all it was a fantastic night.

Here are SOME OTHER IDEAS for simple dates.

*The key is to make sure to do things for the other. Do things that make the other person happy.

-Take a walk/nature walk

-Go see a historic site

-Have a living room camp out

-Go to the gym

-Bake something


-Play video games

-Play a board game

-Play instruments together

-Write a song together


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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