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When it’s pouring rain outside…..we blog!

>>>last week it was sunny, 3 days ago it was 80 degrees, NOW it’s pouring, pouring, pouring! AND freezing.  That being said, I did love falling asleep to the thunder storm last night.  I’ve always loved falling asleep to the sound of rain against my window while bundled up under the covers.  To make it even better, Daniel put together a “Go To Sleep” playlist for us.  He’s seriously the BEST when it comes to finding good music for any occasion.  You’ve probably guessed by now if you read my blog, that my husband plays guitar (he’s amazing) and he even wrote a song for me & sang it at our wedding <3

His voice (to me) is like a cross between Jack Johnson & Greg Laswell, just really chill.  I’d put a video of him on my blog, but he HATES being in the spot light.

It’s been a good day so far at our home, and the rest will probably consist of reading, playing w/Kylie bear, hot chocolate, tv watching & brownies!  I know, we’re WILD!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!



“Boom Clap”- Lennon & Maisy

“Static Waves”- Andrew Belle *We sing this together a lot

“Lewis Takes Off His Shirt”- Owen Pallet (not scandalous like it may sound 🙂 )

“Over You”- Jay Nash

“Bird Never Flies” – Ari Hest

 “Shiver” – Coldplay

“Land Features” – Freelance Whales

“Cayman Islands” – Kings of Convenience

“Embrace Me”- Greg Laswell


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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