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>>>Another rainy day, but I don’t mind so much.  I actually like the rain, and DEFINITELY prefer it over snow any day!  And cold rainy days just calls for pjs and hot chocolate (even though that’s pretty much my routine EVERY DAY haha).  They’re also the days I like to read magazines, take naps, and pretend that I can buy all the flowers in the world 🙂

>>>So I have a friend that lived in Morocco for awhile, and he said that they make this amazing hot chocolate that I had to try, so I did, and he was right!  And it’s more affordable & healthier, and if you like dark chocolate it TASTES better.  It’s really easy to make too.

Morocco Hot Coco

1 spoonful bakers’ chocolate

2 spoonfuls sugar

milk (I use half hot water half warm milk)

OMG crazy story though!  Today while running errands, I stopped at the mall (yes a productive errand at the mall…I was exchanging a gift 🙂 ), and half the shops were closed, or closing…I’m thinking “I know it was day light savings and all, but it’s one in the afternoon people!”  So I get to the my store and I ask the guy if he has any idea why so many stores were closed.  He’s like, “yeah!  There was an armed robbery 10 minutes ago!”

HOLY CRAP!  If it’d left my house at the time I was planning to, I would have been there when it happened.  So husbands/boyfriends, sometimes it’s good to be late haha.  But seriously, I just felt so grateful that nothing bad happened to me.  It just makes me realize how instantly things in your life can change, and how me and my family are so looked after.

Hope y’all are having a safe Monday!


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