KISS ME I’M IRISH!!! (plus fun facts about the Holiday)

KISS ME I’M IRISH!!! (plus fun facts about the Holiday)




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>>>So my husband and I were having a conversation about St. Patrick’s day over the weekend and we couldn’t figure out when it was…I could have sworn it was March 17th, but people at work had been telling him what they did for St Patrick’s day, and asking how his was… obviously we were confused, and figured we missed it. Ha ha.  I mean in my defense as well, there have been ZERO decorations (only Easter stuff) everywhere I go.  So I figured, huh, I guess I did miss it.  But then today I started getting text from people wishing me Happy St Patrick’s Day!  Lol.  So I started scarambling to get a post up in honor of the holiday 🙂 Especially since I bought this shirt on sale the day after St. Patrick’s like 3 years ago, and haven’t worn it once yet (on the actual holiday)

Then that got me thinking…why do WE (American’s Celebrate it???)  I found this really informative & short explanation/history of the holiday HERE.  But to sum up what stood out to me….


Who was St. Patrick? A Christian missionary in Ireland (but FROM Britain)

Why March 17? March 17 was the day he died (461 Ad) and became a national holiday in 1903

What did the Irish do to celebrate? Basically the festivities included going to church & having a feast.

Why do we in America celebrate???  The tradition was brought over by Irish immigrants in 1700s, and I guessed we liked the idea of eating, big surprise!

Why the drinking?  Well actually drinking on St. Patrick’s day was BANNED until the 1970s (SHOCKER right?)

***Anyway, go check out the rest of that video to learn more if you like, it’s only like 1 minute long.

Have a fun (SAFE) St. Patrick’s day everyone!  Ours will be pretty chill.  I’m actually gonna go make some cupcakes!  I wanted to make some fun green ones, but couldn’t find green frosting or cake ANYWHERE!  Can’t say I’m surprised, it’s not the most appetizing color (for baked goods anyway), and I didn’t want to buy food coloring JUST for these cupcakes.  So they’ll be chocolate w/cream cheese frosting YUM!

Thanks for reading y’all!


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