***I put 0-10 months because that the stage I’m at now 🙂 But you don’t have to be a certain age by any means!

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>>>Our low key days usually just consist of lounging in the hammock and making funny faces at the camera.  Basically this baby girl has become my shopping buddy, movie buddy, errand buddy, and cuddle bug 🙂  I understand that all moms have different even demanding schedules and such, and not all are stay at home moms.  But I’m a firm believer in that “you have time for what you MAKE time for”  So there’s no excuse NOT to spend time w/your little one(s) even if it’s just an hour.  There’s also nothing more IMPORTANT or REWARDING.  At first, I felt a little overwhelmed and discouraged, like “oh no, am I ready to stop being Joi, and commit to the mom job?”  But once I changed my perspective (fortunately that didn’t take long) from being a mom=tiring, demanding, no time to take care of Joi, or be happy to I get to hang out with this sweet little person, who adores me more than any other human being on this planet.  It became so much more fun, and I can honestly say that I LOVE hanging out with my baby girl.   (I still need my “alone time” don’t get me wrong).

Here are some IDEAS that I’ve found make my relationship w/my baby more than just changing diapers, cleaning up messes etc.

1) Go for a walk—Doesn’t even have to be long, can be once around the block even.

2) Read some books

3) Take some funny pictures—Kylie also loves when I record us, then I show it to her, she just cracks up!

4) Go shopping—-And ps, having a stroller in the mall is like having your own personal shopping cart that goes w/you everywhere!

5) lay a blanket on the grass and watch her/him become fascinated by all the surroundings