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Jeans Diesel || Lipstick MAC ‘Honey Love’


I can’t even begin to describe how much I LOVE this girl!!!  She makes me laugh, cheers me up, is the perfect errand buddy, and is the most cuddly little baby 🙂

The weather has been warming up so nice lately and we’re trying to soak it all up as much as possible before it gets too hot and humid (yuck—-but great for skin 😉 ).  She’s at the phase where she just wants to climb on EVERYTHING in sight, including me!  If you’ve ever been around baby goats, that’s what she reminds me of haha.  This little romper she’s wearing I absolutely LOVE and was so happy to find.  I go the exact same one at my baby shower, it was for a NB, so she’d wear it all the time and just looked sooo adorable in it.  Then the other day I was at Kid to Kid unloading a bunch of her old clothes, and I came across this, but for 6-9 months!!!  And when I put it on her, all those memories of the first months of her life came rushing back, I was so happy.  Something so simple, I know, but isn’t it the simple things that bring us the most joy?

Ps everyone, it’s F R I D A Y

So have a great weekend! And thanks for reading.


“Life is short & full of choices, so today, choose to be happy”


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