Welp…here’s a tour of my bathroom, what else is there to say??? Ha ha.  I for one, like to see how other people store their products, or use their space, so I decided to share mine 😀

Today was a pretty great day.  I took Kylie to the pool right before her mid morning nap, ya know, to tire her out 🙂  Then my little bro and sis came over to swim, (so Kylie pulled a double today :D)  Afterwards, Daniel got home, and we all went back in the house for banana protein shakes (I’ve been hooked on them since having breakfast with my dear friend Angelica, she made me one, and it was delicious).  After swimming for a couple hours, there is nothing more satisfying than a banana shake <3

Then we had pretty eventful evening truth be told.  Kylie ticked us into thinking she was down for the night at 6:00 pm (NOT).  She woke up one hour later, super fussy (her kinda half alseep awake)  Every time I’d go in to sooth her back to sleep, she’d fall asleep on my shoulder, then wake up as soon as I put her down again, and would cry tears of betrayal for 10 minutes.  So finally, my heart just melted, and I had her lay on my chest on the couch, we turned on Phineas & Ferb (she likes that show lol) and we just lay there while Daniel massaged my feet 😀

Then she was wide awake.  Pulled down the bag of cheerios that were on the table (I didn’t even know she was tall enough) somehow opened the bag!  Next thing I know, she playing in a pile of cheerios! But at last, she is fast asleep.  So we’re going to go finish watching the final episode of Arrow (the 1st season, we just started it, so no spoilers please! 😀 )

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