Today I’m sharing a few simple, cheesy but real things that bring me JOY.  The best part is, anyone can do/have these 😀


2015-08-14 11.56.32


PLANTS—They brighten any room <32015-08-14 20.29.22

BANANA PROTEIN SHAKES (A new favorite 😛 )

1 banana

2 ice cubes

1 scoop protein powder

milk2015-08-14 20.33.32


2015-08-14 20.36.32

This last week has been one full of random, simple things.  I’ve been trying to find more happiness in the moment, and the simplest of things are so gratifying.  Banana shakes for example, it’s just a shake, but making one for me and my husband every day is actually something I get excited about.  And plants.  I’ve always loved live plants, and they seriously DO brighten up a room.  Which makes sense, I mean you are adding LIFE to your house after all.  But my friend gave me this plant in the pic, and another friend gave me this aloe plant.  And they both seriously make our house look different.  At least I think so.  I mentioned this to Daniel and he was like, “uhh……..sure……..I guess…..I don’t know……..tell me what you want me to say.”  LOL I’ll bet he notices, he just doesn’t know that he notices ha!

Peaches have been 50% of my diet as of late.  It feels glorious.  And Kylie girl will eat 2 back to back without flinching!  She’s a healthy girl, and I couldn’t be prouder 😀

But really, look for the things that are already in your life, OR readily available, and actually take note of how happy they can make you.  Go make a banana protein shake if you have to!!!  Life really is too short to not be happy, no matter how tough life gets.

Have a good evening everyone!

<3 <3 <3