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Ohhhh my goodness.  HELLO blogging world! How I’ve MISSED YOU!!!  Sooooo yeah, my server has been down for the past 2 weeks!  Talk about torture.  I never realized just how much of a sanity saving outlet my blog is for me.  I am more grateful now than ever for my blog.  I don’t even care that I’m not making six figures (like some bloggers) or if I don’t have a million followers.  I’m just so happy to have this little space that’s just mine, once again.  And it’s all thanks to my wonderful and smart husband.  Since my server provider wasn’t doing anything about it, he emailed, called and pestered them…usually I’m the one doing that sort of thing-but he’s much more knowledgable in the computer world-then he figured out that the server was finally fixed—yeah they just “forgot” to tell me that minor detail I guess :P-I woke up to him this morning showing me that he reinstalled my blog material.  He even installed some photo editing programs, and video editing stuff for me.  He’s amazing!  But unfortunately, not all of my material was saved.  I’ve lost SIX months worth of posts.  Fortunately I have most of the photos.  So you’ll be seeing some repeat posts from time to time.  I just want to have it archived for my family journal more than anything.  So yay, you get to see some stuff twice 😀 😀 D

—–Ok, on to some fun stuff.  Things have been leveling out for us lately…fiy we kinda went through a rough financial patch :/ But it’s getting better and my hubby surprised me Valentines day with a CAMERA!  Say whaaat!  Yes.  The one thing I have been wanting and praying for, and saving for over the past 3 years.  I have one.  It’s all mine!  And of course the day it arrived was the day that my server crashed!  But thank goodness I had it these last couple weeks to help keep me sane.  I’ve had a blast taking QUALITY photos of Kylie.  And even Daniel loves using it aka no more twisting his arm to take my blog photos 😉
I went on a play date with my friends Peggy and Jess and her kids.  It was the cutest little park by a lake.  Kylie loved all the ducks and Jessica had crackers for the kids to feed them.  But of course Kylie just wanted to eat the crackers.  However the ducks insisted otherwise.  She was holding a cracker and ooing and awwing at a duck coming up to her, when out of nowhere the duck snatched the cracker out of her hand.  She was so stunned that she didn’t cry..she just stood there and looked at me with a blank expression. Haha.  A couple minutes later, she had another cracker in hand, and when a duck got close she chucked that cracker to the ground faster than I though possible for one so small. LOL  After that, she’d make me hold her until she finished eating each cracker HAHA.  I told Daniel about it and he just busted up laughing.

Well anyway it’s great to be back!  And in a way it’s kinda fun that I lost some posts.  Because I just love going back through previous photos and relive the “magic” in a way.
Thanks for stopping by you guys.  Hope you didn’t all abandon me when my site seemingly disappeared!


-Charles Spurgeon

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