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^^Why yes!  I grabbed that pebble with my toe on purpose ^_^

kyle-160130-360-compressor^^^I mean just look at that sunrise!^^^

Yoga Tank: c/o Target || Yoga Pants: c/o Target (on sale!) || White Dress: Forever 21

Photos by Kyle Sheppard

HAPPY MONDAY everyone!  Man was it a crazy weekend.  My sister in law had her baby which is wonderful…so many other things happened yesterday too though…really hit on the head, shocker/blow my mind things.  They’re kinda personal and I don’t think I’m going to share them…maybe sometime down the road, who knows.  I’ll just say that from all of it, I came out feeling so grateful for my life, and appreciative of the little things I am.
On a happier note.  The start of week has been fabulous.  Daniel has been allowed a company car!  Which means I have our car every day, all day from now on.  I went and got the oil changed, which took 45 minute BLEH!  Fortunately there was a Kroger next door so Kylie and I literally just walked around (we she ran 🙂 ) the store the whole time!  Then I found a certificate for a free car wash in our console. Say whaaat! And they had vacuum stations you can use for free.  So I vacuumed the heck out of that filthy car.  Seriously, it was so bad.  I’m talking leaves, pine needles, trash, hair, hair and more hair, cracker crumbs….you name it.  All built up over the past 6 months.  I know GROSS.  But now it’s CLEAN!  All in all, it’s been a good day 🙂

   I did such a fun AAAAND freezing shoot with Kyle Sheppard.  Seriously though, you can see the goosebumps on my arms in some of these bahaha.

Kyle and I played around with the concept of “Stillness” and I’m so happy with the way they turned out.  I’m so grateful for the opportunities I have to meet new people.  All photographers are so talented and unique.  Kyle really puts thought into his shoots.  When we first decided to collaborate he went out and scouted locations looking for a Joshua Tree field.  He drove around who knows how much, and found a spot outside of the city that was absolutely perfect!  Seriously, count on him to find the perfect location for whatever shoot you’re going for.  And be prepared for them to be adventurous!

“We have the power to choose how we respond in any situation.  Our ability to see the humor in those times can determine the quality of our response.”
-Miranda Kerr (Treasure Yourself pg. 25)


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo

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