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*MOM DISCLAIMER-These pictures may look like “picture perfect moments” but it certainly was NOT a picture perfect process lOl.  A battle would be more like it.  Camera was on a timer & tripod, meanwhile, all Kylie wanted to do was eat and throw the dough, and push the bowl off the table.  She honestly came within milliseconds of dumping the bowl of cracked eggs, butter and vanilla extract all over the carpet!  So I hope you appreciate these photos hahaha.  I just wanted to mention this to show that what is depicted online is very rarely 100% accurate. xo

My siblings are always texting, calling, messaging me to get my cookie recipe….which I absolutely love!  It melts my heart and makes me grin with pride every time they do.  I’ve been using this recipe for nearly 10 years, perfecting it along the way.  A few weeks ago my brother, Jacob called me out of the blue asking for it.  I then thought, “WHY in the world have I not put this recipe on the blog yet?!”  Talk about a no brainer!  I mean these cookies will probably be my legacy.

To give you some back story.  I first attempted cookies when I was living all on my own in Ventura, California.  1) Because I no longer had my mom to make them 2) Now I was out of college and making enough to afford the ingredients 😛  But I wanted them to be my dream cookie.  I’ve eaten aloooot of cookies in my day…but I won’t lie there was always something wanting about them.  I did love my mom’s more than anyone’s (obviously) but even then, I always wished they were a little thicker.  I like my cookies thick, soft, chewy and loaded with chocolate chips!  Now that I was making them, I was free to turn them into whatever I wanted.  After a few batches I finally came up with what (to me) was my PERFECT COOKIE.  I would have been perfectly content with that alone.  But then to my surprise, all the boys in my group of friends loved them! My boyfriend (at the time) and his family LOOOVED them, and my co-workers loved them.  This validation only fueled my fire to keep making them, keep perfecting them through practice.  These cookies have some great memories tied to them.  Every time me and my friend Stef organized a get together, I made these.  Anytime I wanted to impress a boy, anytime I wanted to butter up my co-workers (now I butter up my hubby’s co-workers)…I made these cookies.  And they of course won my husband’s heart.  His first word was “cookie” which he told me after sampling these one night I made them at his place back when we were “just friends”

So if you want to make someone’s day, butter someone up, steel a man’s heart…MAKE THESE COOKIES!  And good luck <3


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo


  1. We can’t resist a good chocolate chip cookie recipe! These are tasty! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 (Yes, I made them about 2.6 seconds after reading this post.)

  2. I LOVE your cookies. It always brings back good memories of our mission. Thank you for sharing it. I tried making cookies before and it was a complete disaster I will give your recipe a try. Can I leave out the vanilla pudding mix?. 🙂

    1. I CONSTANTLY miss our mission days 🙂 Yes you can leave out the pudding mix. Also if I remember correctly, in Portugal I didn’t need as much flour, and the ovens there cooked the cookies faster than 8 min. Not sure what it is like in UK but you might need to play around and adjust those 2 things. GOOD LUCK! Bjs

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