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What are we celebrating anyway???

Who was St. Patrick?Christian missionary in Ireland (but FROM Britain)

Why March 17? March 17 was the day he died (461 Ad) and became a national holiday in 1903

What did the Irish do to celebrate? Basically the festivities included going to church & having a feast.

Why do we in America celebrate???  The tradition was brought over by Irish immigrants in 1700s, and I guessed we liked the idea of eating, big surprise!

Why the drinking?  Well actually drinking on St. Patrick’s day was BANNED until the 1970s (SHOCKER right?)

We should wear blue…? Saint Patrick wore a light shade of blue. “St. Patrick’s Blue”  Green only became associated with the holiday after it was linked to the independence movement in the 18th century.

Could have been St. Maewyn’s Day-St Patrick wasn’t his real name.  He was born Maewyn Succat, but changed it to Patricius after becoming a Priest.

Last year I did a St. Patrick’s Day post with some random trivia about the holiday.  I thought I’d carry on the tradition, and I added a couple things, compliments of Mental Floss.  I’m a sucker for random facts and trivia, and one of my favorite sources for this is John Green of Mental Floss.  He’s so funny.  He and his brother, Hank, have a pod cast that is hilarious and interesting.

Anywyas I hope you all have a fun and SAFE holiday.  Please stay healthy and don’t go too crazy.


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