It’s really been a wonderful day!  This morning started out rocky, and I was dreading it.  Because Kylie—for whatever reason—was fussy and I was just too tired to even move, let alone get out of bed and entertain her.  So I said a quick prayer asking heavenly father for the strength to get through the day happily, and to be able to give Kylie the love and affection she needs.  Might have thrown in there “please help Kylie be well behaved and easy to handle today”  And she absolutely has been.  For one, it was 2 hours past her nap time and I had to go to the store for some things that needed to get done today and now!  I was fully prepared for the non stop squirming and screaming.  But she was so sweet and adorable.  Making faces at people in line, having me kiss her teddy bear, and laughing at the most random things.

Also, after getting some things done this morning, a couple of friends came over to watch Anne Of Green Gables (insert ‘no shame’ giggles here).  One of them has 2 toddlers, and it was a blessing to have some kiddos for Kylie to play with.  She’s like me, in that she’s 100 times happier after having some uplifting social interaction.  I’m so grateful for good friends.  And this weekend we’re going camping!  I’m so excited to get “away” even though it’s only 2 hours away from us.  But it’s right on the Guadelupe River!  I’m so excited for Kylie to have a river to play in 24/7 and unlimited space to run.  I’ll be taking lots of pictures too!  I checked out a couple of Sophie Kinsella books (she’s my go-to chick flick in book form author) that I’m excited to just read on the river bank.  That’s the plan anyway.  Usually I end up spending all of my time in the water on these trips haha.

Anyway, hope ya’ll have a wonderful Easter!  Thanks for reading xoxo


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