I’m sharing some activities to do with your toddlers

that keep them content and you sane.  (Also check out my Rainy Day Activities post)  I’m a fan of keeping activities simple and affordable, because it won’t be long before your kids are begging for smart phones and trips to Disney Land.  Right now, they just want you.  I’ve also noticed (and my husband has commented without me bringing it up) that when we have at least one good outing or activity. Kylie is a much happier child throughout the day not to mention more independent and demands less of my time.



homemade play doughPlay dough is great for a number of reasons.  Not only is it fun for toddlers (and adults hehe) but it helps them develop sensory, motor skills and creativity.  I prefer to make my own because then I don’t need to worry if Kylie decides to sample some.  The recipe I use is from this fabulous mama blogger HERE.


ducks feeding ducks, great activity

Do you remember your first time going to the zoo?  Or how exciting it was whenever you saw a new animal for the first time?  Remember that all the things you’ve now grown accustomed to are things that your little one is experiences for the first time.  It’s new, it’s exciting it’s developing their minds.  Something as simple as feeding ducks can leave your child mesmerized and giddy with delight!


nature, activities with toddler garden flower pansy garden activity

I love taking Kylie to the local Botanic Gardens, or reserves.  There are so many in Texas.  If you don’t have anything like that near you, then just go out into an open field, or large park with plenty of space to run, in some cases that may be your back yard.  Toddlers aren’t picky.  They just love being outside, and being with you.  Teach them new words using what’s around you. Teach them colors by pointing to different flowers, or just relax in the grass and let them show you new things they find.



baking activities

*Recipe for these muffins HERE
This is one of my favorites!  Kylie loves to bake, even more she loves to eat!  Baking can be a good way to bond, but note, it will only be fun if you let yourself relax and be alright if and (more realistically) when a mess is made.  Let them help you pour the flour, mix the dough, lick the spoon.  And don’t worry if your kitchen turns into a little bit of a disaster zone.  Disclaimer: This picture was taken during a 20 second moment of stillness that I was lucky to get haha.  If the kitchen isn’t clean and a constant “picture perfect” moment, it means you’re doing something right 🙂


park activities

The world is full of parks, parks, parks, so USE them.  They are some of the best forms of exercise for your little ones.  And I love that I can just watch while she wears herself out.  And it’s also a learning ground (yes I just came up with that, like “play” but “learn” learning ground haha) just by watching the older kids, Kylie will pick up on things so fast, it’s so exciting to watch.  It’s also rewarding for me when I teach her something new.  I didn’t think she was old enough when she first insisted on climbing backwards up the slide.  But I taught her how to use her hands and feet and within 10 minutes she was a pro!  If it’s too cold, hot or wet outside, we will go to the play areas in the mall.


stand and play fisher price playhouse toy activities for toddlersplaytime activities fisher price play house
Toy by Fisher Price

Sometimes your toddler just wants you to be present while they do their thing.  Sometimes she grabs my hand and shows me where to sit, what to do and how long to do it.  Other times she just needs to be able to look over and see me there.  You may think “this is a waste of my time.  She’s distracted, why don’t I go and get other things done?”  If you’re like every other mom you will think this.  But the truth is even though you may not be interacting, you in truth are interacting.  You’re interacting in their way.  Remember that your way is not always the right way for your children, or every situation.


Thanks for reading ya’ll and I hope you’re having a wonderful day, and a wonderful week!  I saw this clip this morning and it just made me smile.


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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