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Suit: Maaji || Shorts: Thrift store || Adidas: unavailable (similar)  || Sunnies: Charming Charlie || Kylie’s suit: target

Camping creates appreciation for life,

I honestly believe this.  For a few reasons that I’m going to share with you today.  And by the way, please excuse me, but I can’t stop posting all the pictures from the trip on all my social media.  I only brought one suit (when camping, keep things to a minimum) and I’m glad I chose my Maaji one.  It has more support in the front (if ya know what I mean) than any other suit I’ve ever owned.  And I love the bright vibrant colors and different pattern combinations.
Reason #1-Disconnect to reconnect
We didn’t have reception in our campsite.  This was a surprise, but after having a moment to soak it in, we were happy because of it.  It’s one thing to tell yourself “I’m going to take a break from technology” and then do it.  That is like trying to diet but keeping all of your guilty pleasure foods in your back pocket.  And it’s another to simple have no other option but to take a break from technology.  It’s amazing how very little you actually need your phone.  Knowing that I couldn’t get on Instagram or Snapchat made it so I never found a need to get on my phone.  Instead I was able to spend quality time with Kylie, watching her discover and experience new things for the first time, and I had time to relax in the hammock and read.
Reason #2-Easier to be a mom
With so much to see and explore, Kylie hardly needed us to entertain her.  She’d get excited about things and would constantly bring us rocks and sticks along with an animated “WOW!”  But she (no joke) spend 80% of the day on the bank, throwing rocks into the river and feeding crackers to the ducks.  It was the easiest couple of days I’ve had with her in a long time.  And even easier on me mentally becuase I knew she was having the time of her life.
Reason #3-Strengthens your marriage
Daniel said something so sweet to me.  He said “I love you even more after this weekend.  Because I saw how lucky I am to have a wife that works hard if not harder right beside me.  I love having someone who I trust and who I know has my back”  I didn’t even look at it this way until he said something.  I was just doing my thing.  Being the mom and wife, trying to take care of my little family and be the nurturer and cheerleader.  I learned that Daniel is very good at building fires, and I’d cheer him on and praise him for it.  Apparently that touched him in some way I guess….cute right? 🙂
Reason #4-Reminds you that simplicity makes the happiest people
One pair of shoes, one change of clothes, no makeup, and one suit.  That’s all we needed for 3 days.  It reminded of my time in Portugal, how amazed I was by the simple lives people led.  It wasn’t uncommon for people to only own three outfits.  And that was all they needed, they were happy, it was the norm.  I love clothes, I’ll always love them, I don’t see anything wrong in that.  But it’s one thing to love and appreciate fashion and another to be dependent on it for your happiness.  Be careful.

And have you seen this yet?

I cry my freaking eyes out every single time.  It helps give you a different perspective on your own life.

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo


  1. I love this article! We went camping recently with our 2 toddlers (3 years and 1 years old) and it is so true that they just entertain themselves with dirt and rocks and sticks. Plus they tucker out so much for all the “exploring” that they sleep great!

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