Book of Mormon, General conference April 2016

Prepare NOW ….

General Conference is here again!  I cannot believe that yet another six months has gone by.
So I have a little confession to make, I’m kinda stealing this post idea from one of my favorite people ever, Al (visit her blog here).  She is one of the most inspiring women and a perfect example of embracing the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ, and embracing Christ in every aspect of her life.  Definitely go check her out.
Anyway, sorry to get off on a tangent (meh, I do that a lot).  But Conference is one of the greatest times to get direction, inspiration and answers that apply to you specifically.  But they don’t just come without some effort on our part…nothing of worth does…and the time to start prepping is now.  I’m sharing some ways that have been helpful to me and many that we’re promised will yield results.

1. Know your questions and concerns and write them down.
It helps know what your searching for before you start a treasure hunt.  It’s the same concept.  We all have different needs.  Maybe you need help making a decision, maybe you have doubts, maybe you need comfort…whatever the it is, the Lord loves you and he will help you with you problems if you let him.

2. Pray now.
Pray for you the speakers, pray for yourself, pray that your children will behave and make it possible for you to listen to the speakers 🙂  (This is my #1 at the moment)

3.  Go to bed early.
Going to bed early will make your mind more alert and in turn your spirit will be more in tuned while listening to the speakers, and you will be more prepared to receive personal revelation.

4. Take notes.
(I love how Al phrased this, so I’m just basically going to put what she said)
Don’t have anxiety about note taking. Don’t worry about writing perfect quotes that were said, you can get those online afterward. Write it down how you hear it and how you personally applied it and found it useful. Reword it. Write down ideas that come to mind that weren’t necessarily said. This how the spirit works in you is through those little tweaks we make to apply directly to us and what we’re going through or will go through. Star the talks you want to go back to and re-watch.

5. KNOW that answers are coming.
The Heavenly Father loves you, he wants to help you.  And if you are doing all in your power to receive guidance (that doesn’t necessarily mean that your house will be perfectly quiet and you will have no distractions from your little ones, and you’ll be sitting on a cloud under a beam of light while you take notes with your color coded notepad) he will give you what you need.
*Remember what you need and what is best for you is very rarely what we want.  So be accepting of what answers he gives you.

6. Stay in ‘Conference Mode’
It’s so common after the sessions end, for us to toss our notes on the shelf and get back to our lives.  You took those notes for a reason.  They were words directly to you from your heavenly father.  Reflect on them, treasure them.  Go back and visit the talks that stood out to you.  Don’t turn on television and pretend that it’s just another day, but keep it special.

Hope you all have a wonderful Conference weekend.
Sending lots of LOVE


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