vintage bloom the nook boutiqe st george utahbeautiful model, bohemian style vintage bohemian fashion boho jewelryanna nova fashion designer bag and bootsAll items are provided by The Nook Boutique*
**Photos by Kristi Joslin Photography

Who knew what this bag would bring about.

This Vintage Bloom bag by Anna Nova was by far my favorite piece that the Nook Boutique in St. George provided for this shoot.  I absolutely fell in love with Anna Nova at this moment, and because of this shoot, I was presented with more collaborations with Anna.  LIke THIS post here.  I love how this look is so relaxed and simple.  I find all you really have to do is accessorize and have a couple of unique pieces that pop (like these boots and this bag).  Ya’ll know that I pride myself on giving HONEST opinions and advice, so I will say that I love the light flowy fabric of this dress, and the simplicity of it.   Although it was reaaaallly short…as a mom a little too short for comfort in my opinion, so I think normally I would pair it with some tights/leggings or wear it as a shirt.  If you have shorter legs then I think it would fit nicely, but I certainly couldn’t wear this while chasing my toddler around without things getting awkward lol.

I’m getting ready for some more fun shoots coming up, so stay tuned for that.  This last weekend I got to listen to General Conference.  It happens twice a year and it’s always such an exciting and uplifting weekend.  We were able to watch from home, and it was a small miracle that Kylie slept through BOTH sessions! (Saturday & Sunday) I mean she only takes one nap a day on average, but those days she took two!  It was such a tender mercy.  I definitely needed this weekend to help myself get through the days to come.  Becuase Kylie is totally in the “Terrible Two’s” stage where every stinking thing has to be a kicking and screaming event.  I feel on the verge of snapping any day, and I sometimes go to bed fearing tomorrow, haha.  Jeffrey R. Holland helped give some comfort in his address, where he talked briefly about “facing tomorrow”  WATCH IT HERE (the picture he used to illustrate his point was pretty funny)

Well I’m off to make my daily list of things to do, focusing on teaching and spending quality time with Kylie 🙂 (yup trying to be a better mom.  emphasis on trying, that’s all we can do right?) Have a wonderful day everyone!


*Big thanks to The Nook Boutique for sponsoring this post

“Love is the foundation stone of eternity”
-Jeffrey R. Holland

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