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“A sister is a friend forever….”

Aren’t sister the greatest!?  I’m sad to admit that I didn’t always appreciate my sisters 100% of the time.  But that’s the funny thing about getting older, you start to love the people that have always been there much more deeply.  Lauren Wrigley took these photos of me and my little sis, Kristi, and I will forever treasure them.  I think it’s funny that until then I had never been a hat wearer lol.  I don’t think Kristi really was either, but that day we BOTH wore similar hats, and during the shoot we would swap them back and forth, hehe.  I can’t wait to be able to see my sisters again (and brothers of course, but we’re talking about ‘sisters’ in this post) Hopefully sooner than later, because it will be getting ridiculously hot in Southern Utah soon, and difficult to do all of our favorite outdoor things.

Well I’m off to bed early.  Kylie didn’t nap at all today, so I’m completely beat!



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  1. Sisters ARE amazing! You two look so similar, yet so unique! Absolutely gorgeous, as always. And I hope you get to see the rest of your clan soon! xoxo

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